About Us

Not just Another voucher code site

Us rowdy lot at ‘ForchoonCookee’ run our fab website for you guys and no one else! We are dedicated to saving families as much money as possible by supplying only the best discount codes, both online and on the high street! (I know we might be lacking a few stores at the minute, but give us a chance, we have only just started)

We’ve heard it all before…..YAWN

Yes, there are 100’s, even 1000’s of voucher sites you could visit, ever wonder why? Uuummm we’re pretty sure it’s because they can and do make a tonne of cash! The typical voucher site will get a % of every sale you make for them.
Example – You click through a voucher for Argos and buy an animal print sofa (like this one!) the voucher site will receive anything from 2% to 15% of that sale, a nice little earner!

What makes us different is where we can, we have taken the % we would earn and added it to the discount for you……so basically, when stores permit, we make £0 because you (the user) get it all in savings and get to keep as much of your cash as possible because we have made some great friends with the stores you love! We are working to get every store on site to sign up to this idea, but the truth is, its hard, so whenever you see an exclusive code mark, you know you are getting the truly best deal!

Our History

We are a small family that love to bargain hunt, who along with wanting to rule the world… also want to extend our skills far and wide helping other avid online shoppers save some cash. There are many sites who may offer similar incentives, however we promise two things… to save you as much money as we can and to make this site as easy to navigate and break down as possible! No need for clutter or jargon… just keeping it real and succinct as possible!

The site aids us Brits to manage and cope with the current economic climate by giving its visitors the latest and valid promotional and discount codes for free. This coupled with our family blog offers a sound source of money saving advice and good times! So click away and see what you can discover!

So I don’t get it… how do you guys make your money?

Well, basically we are all running 2 jobs at the minute and the site is making pretty much £0 because it is 100% dedicated to saving you as much money as possible! (Did we say that already?) We’re hoping if you lovely people spread the word about our great site and sign up to our newsletter, then more wonderful stores might want to give us some money to feature on the site & in our newsletters BUT rest assured, we will never take any money away from you guys! We have all we need, a house and food on the table, so we want to help as many others as we can.
So spread the word about ForchoonCookee to your friends and family so that you can save as much money as possible and we can carry on bringing you, the truly best savings!

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