5 Decorating Tips For Those Who Rent

So personally I don’t think I will ever own a property because it would A) require me to realise I no longer can live like a student and more truthfully B) I will never afford the deposit unless my 6 numbers come up in the lotto! So since I was 18 I have been renting and this doesn’t have to mean you live a nomadic existence with no real roots or stability… it just means you are poor and can’t afford a mortgage! J I jest! I prefer renting and it works well for my lifestyle. And when my uber responsible friends are wailing over their house which is now in negative equity… I get to feel all smug as I sip afternoon cocktails on my bean bag… because that’s the only furniture I own!

Renting doesn’t mean that you can’t make your place homely. I absolutely insist that you have to put a little ‘you’ into your place seeing as you’ll be living there for a while. Yes the landlord may insist harder that you do not touch the walls or alter the décor, but you can make your place pretty without knocking down walls and remodelling the beige bathroom with gold taps!


One of the first things I did when I moved into my new flat was litter the walls and cupboard space with pictures. Whether it’s pics of your besties or framed artwork get it up! You don’t have to spend a fortune either. One of my fave framed pics on the wall cost me a total of £5 (for the garish frame) and the ink in my printer (to print the photo myself!) Job done!


I’m all about inanimate objects that are portable and can turn a room from bleak into BOOM all over your face fabulosity! Portable is the key here. Don’t go hammering a shelf unit into the wall but buy a small bookcase and fill it with all your fave colourful reads.


I was never a fan of soft furnishings until I lived with one of my best friends who showed me that a cushions and mixed textiles can make your place look amazing! Go ahead… drape that throw over your ugly looking sofa!


In the same vein as soft furnishings, rugs are also a winner! It has to fir your personality and it also has to feel good under your feet! Especially with rented accommodation having tiled or wooden floors for ease… it’s nice to have cosy feet when walking around.


I am a big creative freak who loves making handmade items. One of my obsessions is candle making and we all know that a few scented candles brings an instant warmth to a room. Even if you can’t be bothered to dabble in making your own candles, you can easily buy some super cheap and pretend you can’t afford your electricity as you sit in candlelit room! Delightful.

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