5 Simple Tips For A Travelling Vegetarian

Many people are vegetarians these days and no longer are they shunned from our community due to their repulsion to meat. I totally appreciate the art of vegetarianism and when veggies are out and about travelling unfamiliar lands, finding appropriate and equally delicious foods can still be tricky. When in China I felt really bad for friends who were trying to order vegetarian dishes as this was lost in translation and they were left with lots of vegetable rice time and time again as the rest of us meat eaters were sampling vast cuisines! Some of my best friends are vegetarians and I wanted to know how they cope when travelling abroad. So here are a few handy tips for all my veggie brother and sisters! I support your struggle!

1 – Research
Ok so some of you true nomadic travellers may not have the luxury of finding out where you are going if you’re constantly on the move, but if you’re heading to a specific place then check out veggie friendly eateries before you go. This will settle your mind for sure and satisfy your appetite.

2 – Pack a little picnic
That’s right! Just grab a few essentials you love and pop them into a plastic container. Bingo! Now you have your own portable food for snacks! Very simple and totally worthwhile when the place you’re visiting is littered with burger stands and you just want falafel!

3 – Learn buzz words and phrases
If you are travelling to a foreign land then make sure you get to grips with the vocabulary. Equip yourself with what you need to get fed! Do not always assume that everyone speaks English and your exaggerated hands gestures look ridiculous! Every country has a different word and symbol for ‘vegetarian’ so start learning or you will miss out.

4 – Pick a veggie friendly hotel
Unless you are heading toward South India for example where it’s widely known to be vegetarian, and you are particularly concerned for your food options… then simply stay at a hotel that caters for vegetarians. This is a not such a crazy request especially in the western world, so do your homework and find an establishment that can provide you with what you need.

5 – Smartphone apps
We are in the age of technology ruling/ruining our lives so it would be silly to forget that you can use phone apps to seek out vegetarian restaurants whilst on the go. For example there’s Happy Cow where it can search your location and recommend rated veggie dining experiences nearby. Genius!

With a little common sense and a little prep work before you set out, could stop your average vegetarian from being hungry angry when living in a predominantly meaty world!