We’re trying our hardest to get the best discount codes to you, but for all our effort there are times when the best isn’t good enough and some stores just won’t budge.
My guess is you want a discount for your shopping and you want one now. With this in mind we’ve put together a list of things for you to try, to see if we can still help you save a little bit more money. This is a list that we go through to bring you the best discounts so they might not bring up anything, but you might just find a little golden nugget in there, if you do PLEASE tell us on Facebook or shoot us an email to let you know how much you saved!

*If you can think of any more suggestions to add to this list, then please email us or add to the comments below and we’ll happily add your idea to the list, give you a big shout out and depending on how successful we are, we might even buy you a drink or at least send you a thank you gift!!

14 15(and counting) things to check before you buy
1. Check similar stores to see if they stock what you are looking for and then if they do, check to see if they offer a discount.
e.g. Buying from Debenhams? Check House of Fraser, John Lewis, M&S

2. Try ‘Googling’ the product you are buying, the search results could show up some new stores that are selling your item, but cheaper or that have a discount code on our site.

3. Check out our Category pages to see if any discounts could apply to your order (please email us if you think we are missing a category)

4. Check the companies Facebook and/or Twitter account to see if they are offering any incentives to their users. Some companies give you an automatic discount just for ‘liking’ their page, make sure you check.

5. Tweet out about what you are looking for. With millions of users, someone just might help, make sure to throw some #(hashtags) in there aswell to get a bit more interest.

6. Tweet individual money saving people (Martin Lewis springs to mind) they could well have some insight or give you a RT which would improve your chance of saving some money.

7. Search relevant forums and sites to see if they have any live discounts.
E.g. British Cycling have an offers page set up where you can often find some cycling related offers.

8. Check the MoneySavingExpert forum to see if their users can help. With a site full of money saving freaks, you’d be mad not to at least have a quick peek to see if there is anyone that can help. Simply pop the store name in the forum search and see what happens. BE WARNED – this is addictive!

9. Have a look to see if the company you are buying from has a forum, some might have and that’s where they might post some lovely deals

10. Sign up to the stores newsletter. Some stores offer money off your first order if you sign up to their newsletter ALA Laura Ashley

11. Check out Google shopping
12. Check out Ebay. Not just for second hand things, but sometimes stores have their own ebay account where they will be selling off items at a reduced rate.

13. Check out, Topcashback & HotUkdeals – these sites are the only ones worth looking at really – soon we will be as big as them so we can scrub number 13 off the list :-)

14. Check out local Facebook groups, this is a great tip for baby stuff especially. Just type into the search box a local town or city and the words ‘bargain’ ‘cheap’ etc. and see what pops up. They might have something similar to what you are after – Thanks to Marc from Bicester, Oxford for emailing this suggestion! High fives Marcus, enjoy the prezzie!

15. If it’s not a urgent buy or you can wait for that new pair of shoes/leopard print sofa/furry dice/remote control helicopter/copy of 50 shades then wait…if we don’t have a discount and none of the above work, then give it a week or 2 and see what pops up, something always will eventually.

We would love to hear your ways of saving money, if you can add to this list, then let us know in the comments below and we will add your suggestion if it’s good enough, give you a shout out (which is worth a lot) and send you a free thank you gift!