In An Ideal World

What do you desire… what makes you itch? Some people are forever chasing the ideal and dancing to the beat of their own drum, but is it really as simple as that? The internet alone is littered with motivational quotes designed to inspire us to be better people and to invite positive behaviour into our lives. Sometimes these words of wisdom are from famous people past and present, one being Marilyn Monroe with statements such as “fear is stupid, so are regrets.” But one has to think how much advice can you digest from a starlet who died alone after a drug overdose!

However it’s nice to know that we are the creators of our own dreams, destiny and fate. It is up to the individual alone to claw their way to where they want to be if they are to live the life they so desire. However in this day and age where responsibilities and obligations consume us, it is hard to make that change so suddenly. Mortgages, bills, children and trying to keep up in order to stay up have many of us stuck unable to move in the direction we want.

What would it take to ‘feel the fear’ and just do it anyways? I’m not suggesting you leave your job and family in order to go hunting for your lifelong dream to be an astronaut, but why feel immobilised by a lifestyle you created when you can change it?! Our time on this insane planet is finite. If you want to make the most of your life then stop hesitating and filling your head with excuses, otherwise you’ll be counting up your shoulda woulda couldas regretting the fact you didn’t make that change sooner. I think we all need a pep talk…