Men’s Watches

Do your eyes pop out the moment you pass through an exotic watch shop?  Men, since long have been considered as prisoners of time. If there is something that a man would always be shackled to, apart from cars, bikes and cigars, it would be a watch.

Since time immemorial, men have been watch fanatics and there has been no logic to this want. It is certainly not just about keeping pace with time, since in today’s world, everyone carries a cell phone and that suffices the need for a time keeper. Men’s watches do a major contribution towards the watch industry, which is estimated to be around £40 Billion.  While men keep staring that the extensive display of watches across the counter in a watch shop, many men find themselves torn between the cost of the watch and the reason for owning that timepiece.

As mentioned earlier, it is not only for keeping time. Men tend to make a statement through the watch they wear. They want to show off their priced possession in style, try and create that impact and impression on the other person. Wearing a luxury timepiece has also gone on to become a symbol of their status quo, a symbol of their identity.

Watches are also considered to be worthy an investment. Many men buy watches since they believe that it is a potential investment since some years down the line, it might find a potential buyer. It could also deck up ones collection of antique pieces, which would never lose its charm. Often, metals like gold and platinum, diamonds, which are used to make an expensive watch, is also considered to be an investment. It could also be used to be passed on to next generation, so as to leave a mark on the future generations of an individual.

Considering all that has been said so far, the functionality of wristwatches are not the only important thing for men when picking a timepiece, the fashion statement that is to be made by it is equally, if not more, important, and since fashion is something that is personal, what is most spectacular for one man might not be for another. In that case, every man has to decide on the timepiece that is best for him at every point in time. In choosing a timepiece, a man should consider his lifestyle, the strap’s type, its face, the water resistance level, as well as the colour of the face and strap that the timepiece is made of.