The Insanity Workout

Ok so it’s the New Year and this is when most folks swear off the over eating and alcohol consumption from the Crimbo period and launch themselves into gym memberships they will not be using this time next month! We all do it!

I am currently trying to not drink or eat crazy for three reasons……

1. I have my best friend wedding soon and nobody loves a fattie at the buffet table!

2. I am off to Malaysia for a beach holiday and I don’t want to be mistaken for a harpooned whale!

And 3… I’m tired of walking down the street and thinking I have asthma when in fact I am just super unfit. It’s all really very annoying actually and inconvenient!

Now my older bro is personal trainer which always makes me feel ‘awesome’ when I see him and his ripped body… as I try and suck in my tummy and convince myself the rolls of fat are definitely supposed to be there! He told me about this new training DVD a few months ago that he indulged in which actually worked. Now I was thinking “yeah yeah… sure… just another fad!” but after not seeing him for a few months after he completed the DVD, I was convinced! He had dropped loads of weight and toned up something crazy! It’s called ‘Insanity’ and you’re guaranteed to drop weight, tone up and get the results you pine for in 2 months. Well like everything, IF you follow the rules and commit yourself to it.

However, after watching my bro partake in one session of this (as he turned my parents conservatory into a mini gym) I realised there is no way I can do this! It’s not called Insanity for nothing! The intense interval training that focuses on strenuous exercise for 3 – 4 mins and then a 30 second cool down before it all starts again, kicks your posterior… hard! But you’re already sold on the product because all you need is a DVD player, TV and small space in the comfort of your own home to have a go. So typically British… we want to get results but not go too far outside of our comfort zone to achieve it! Now don’t get this twisted… this isn’t some lame workout DVD fronted by your fave D list celebrity, this is brought to you by an actual fitness expert.

Granted the price for the complete 10 disc DVD is £100 which can appear to be eye watering when Davina McCall’s‘Body Buff’ DVD is a tenner, but I am told it’s worth every penny. You can purchase this online from the likes of Amazon and be ready to go as soon as the postman drops it off! If you have the dedication to take this on for 60 days of your life, then I would advocate you get involved post haste!